Committed to making COVID-19 testing accessible to families across Colorado

" Hi! I'm Kenner, a junior at Centaurus High School 👋 I'm the one behind Bumblebasket, a service I created to distribute COVID-19 test kits to families across Colorado."

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Hi! I’m Kenner, a junior at Centaurus High School in Lafayette and I’m behind this service. It all started early June when both of my brothers had flu-like symptoms. They were only partially vaccinated at the time, but I wanted to make sure they did not have COVID-19 because my high-risk grandparents were visiting at the time.

My brothers had bad experiences with COVID-19 testing in the past and I wanted to make sure they would take a test, so I researched and found that the Abbott BinaxNOW tests were self-administered and only had to go up less than an inch in each nostril (which is way more comfortable as opposed to other tests). I went to my local pharmacy and they had the BinaxNOW test kits in stock, however I was shocked by the high price. I bought two test kits anyway, asking myself why these test kits were difficult to find and expensive.

I remembered reading several articles last year about the federal government purchasing 150 million COVID-19 test kits from Abbott, but my question was where are these test kits? I did some researching and found out that Colorado still has a stockpile of these test kits that in my opinion, was collecting dust. I was very surprised that the state health department had not been publicizing their stockpile more but I went ahead and placed an order through the health department with the intention of distributing the test kits to the members (& their families) of the church my family attends. After I handed them out, I had a bunch extra and I had absolutely no intention of letting them collect dust in my presence. I proceeded to post that I had extra test kits on hand that I would happily deliver on Facebook, Nextdoor, and a bunch of other social media platforms. I quickly ran out and realized that if I wanted to fulfill my own wish of affordable and accessible COVID-19 testing, I could start by distributing these test kits free of charge to families across Colorado. That’s how it all started.

This service has been in operation since mid-June of this year

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Weekly distribution drives

We're excited to announce that beginning early August, we will begin operating weekly test kit distribution drives. Families can drive up, order, and pick up their test kits in 5 minutes or less. Click the text below to receive the dates, times, and locations for these drives below.

Instant test pick up lockers

We're also excited to announce that beginning early August, we will begin a piloting a program of several lockers that contain COVID-19 test kits ready for pick up. You'll be able to place an order and instantly pick it up with a unique code issued to you.

Special thanks to our partners

Abbott (manufacturer of the test kits we distribute) has partnered with us and has provided $10,000 in funding to further our test kit distribution efforts. Thank you Abbott!

Twilio (the service that allows us to send automated text messages) has partnered with us and has provided $500 in service-related credits to allow us to continue providing timely & important notifications. Thank you Twilio!